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Meyda Table Lamp

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Feathers Ink Wells Table Lamp

Feathers Ink Wells Table Lamp Dx wattage tx for
Table Lamp

Table Lamp Dx wattage tx
Fused Glass Table Lamp

Fused Glass Table Lamp Bare branches against sky fused glass . Sunset beige art glass drizzled with midnight is fired into dome shaped shade.
Morning Table Lamp

Morning Table Lamp The fern of the morning is design that is sure to be noticed. made tiffany design may have strayed from the stained
Duffner Kimberly Laburnum Table Lamp

Duffner Kimberly Laburnum Table Lamp Cascading blossoms in hues of plum blue glasswith spring green leaves were favored subjects of the l. C. Tiffany
Vase Table Lamp Dome

Vase Table Lamp Dome Plain dome shadeh. Dx wattage for
Grape Table Lamp

Grape Table Lamp Radiant concord purple jewels, vineyard green leaves glistening dew kissed bark vines wrap around golden sunshine
Table Lamp

Table Lamp The metal filigree pattern of lighthouse edge of the sea is brought to life of stained glass back ground in sea blue
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