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Blanc Chandelier Vintner. Home space ideabook
Currey Blanc Chandelier Vintner
The frosted pieces of glass hung from the Vintner Blanc Chandelier are made of recycled bottles separately chosen for quality and clarity..
Chandelier Hove. Interior upgrade for home
Currey Chandelier Hove
Lithe arms of gleaming wrought iron reach upward, flower like, in the tasteful and elegant Hove Chandelier. Reminiscient of tabletop.
Chandelier Tuscan. Home design furniture
Currey Chandelier Tuscan
Prompting visions of old Italian heirlooms, the Tuscan Chandelier aesthetically pays tribute to its influences. Meticulous ironwork with.
Chandelier Longleaf. Stylish interior for home
Currey Chandelier Longleaf
The fluttering accents of the Longleaf Chandelier are evocative of a sheaf of golden wheat whose fronds are reaching for the sun. Its.
Chandelier Highbrow. Design tip for your home
Currey Chandelier Highbrow
s of crystal beads drape gracetotally in the shape of the Highbrow Chandelier, forming a aesthetically symmetrical basin of sparkle and.
Kyo Chandelier Gin. Home space inspiration
Currey Kyo Chandelier Gin
10 ginko leaves created for Currey by a master scupltor adorn the ring of the Gin Kyo Chandelier. The pieces 10 lights come to life behind.
Currey Elizabeth Chandelier. Upgrade your space
Currey Company Currey Elizabeth Chandelier
Wrought Iron Crystal. A beautiful traditional form is graced with strategically put crystal decoration. The tasteful wrought iron framework.
Chandelier Hannah. Aesthetically pleasing home
Currey Chandelier Hannah
Familiar and avant garde at once, medium sized version of the Hannah Chandelier is a spectacular re imagining of a traditional design..

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